Italy's most experienced Loudspeaker Manufacturer

Dual- cabinets: Solid Walnut, sourced from sustainable Italian forests, jointed for structural rigidity provides Orthotropic properties (low loss).HDF (high density fibreboard) or Corian® (man made stone) provides isotropic properties (high friction losses). They combine in a beautiful, tactile cabinet engineered to damp vibrations from the transducer.

Longevity*: HD transducers including Rohacell drivers®, Non-Ferrofluid tweeters, Neodymium magnets, Full Apex cones®, etc. ensure premium results and years of reliable service.

Predictable Performance (PP): Chario install their bass and ports at the bottom of the cabinet because the distance betwwen the floor and the loudspeaker are always known, regardless of room type. Secondly, Bass and tweeters are thus at their maximum distance, apart from each other, which is desirable for the transmission of large bass sound-waves without disrupting fine treble detail. 

3D soundscape: PP ensures direct sounds arive at the listeners ear first, uninterupted by room reverberation. This ensures a large 3D-holographic image. The other parameters combine to produce a rich sound-colour-palatte, like the famous Italian luthier, for which Chario are well known for.


Valvet high-end amplifiers are not just amplifiers.

They let you experience the full sound experience of unadulterated music! Naturally all class A  and comprise the highest quality workmanship, design and quality standards. HANDMADE IN GERMANY

The range for 2020 has been slimmed down. The much coveted single-ended E2 remains, as does the mono block A4 range. 

Sonnet Digital Audio (SDA) is a new company by the team who founded Metrum Acoustics.  They have many innovations including fields outside the world of acoustics and electronic design that began in 1989.

A diverse range of products have been created during this period, always relying  on solid principle of natural laws. Digital signal processing has played a significant role and as we continue, will continue to play signifant roles as this field evolves.


We will focus on manufacturing complete high-quality sound systems as well as OEM components for domestic and professional use. It will be a new and exciting period and new products will soon see the light.



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