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We are 10 years old this year!

A little history…

iStereos is an early internet audiophile retailer, founded in 2008, that specialized in computer audio at a time when both computers (including iPods/phones) and on-line trading became viable competitors to both CD players and physical shops respectively.

A decade later and computers are ubiquitous in audio systems, either connected to an audio system to retrieve streamed music, or cleverly disguised into the hardware so it may retrieve streamed music directly. As for on-line trading, well it has become the consumers choice because it is convenient, open 24/7, no crowds, no travel expenses and easy to price match.

Today there are 2 mediums that are at the forefront of music consumption and they are poles apart. Streaming (Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, YouTube etc.) is by far the more popular choice. It is replacing the need to purchase singles or albums for a true physical-free music experience and the second medium is good old LP (but sales are small in comparison to streaming). LP’s are for those who prefer the tactile experience, especially holding the cover, viewing the artwork and reading the lyrics whilst listening. This important experience is now available to the world of streaming too and it is interactive. It is called Roon and it also decodes MQA music.


High resolution music (exceeds cd quality resolution) is finally en-vogue, thanks to MQA (music quality authenticated). MQA is audio origami because it packs a high-resolution music file into a cd sized file, like a ZIP file. This means high-resolution music can be streamed as quickly as a cd file without consuming extra broadband data. This appeals to the recording world at large because it allows them to distribute one music file, comprising both cd and high resolution music. They adapting their back catalogues, even as you read this.

To retrieve MQA, you will need a MQA or Roon capable digital convertor. If MQA doesn’t interest you, you’ll get cd quality resolution which is superior to MP3, win win…


On-line shopping has been disruptive, however the distribution chain still has a great influence on the retail price because it is the inefficient 20th century model and no longer necessary in our post internet world.

We disrupting distribution by sourcing directly from manufacturers thus removing unnecessary links and unnecessary pricing mark-upss from our supply chain. Our aim is to link members directly to manufacturers (vice versa), so we also removing retail pricing and instead will sell at cost plus a low 10% administration fee, to sustain the club. High-end audio will be more accessible to members. All account holders may become members by simply logging into the Audiophile Buying Club above. Please email John, should you have any questions?