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The aim of the Audiophile Buying Club is to makes hifi considerably more affordable by:

addressing the costs which has nothing to do with the manufacturing process, but which has a great influence on the retail price, like the retail-distribution chain. We breaking the chain by placing orders directly with manufacturers, delivered ex-factory to you, where possible. 

This not only reduces the products impact on the environment due to reduced air-miles, multiple courier handling, etc.but also saves you an incredible amount of money because the product no longer escalates in price as it passes through the retail distribution chain, which is money better left in your bank account than in those of retailers, distributors, etc.

and secondly by

any bulk discounts which we receive due to the collective buying power of our members.

We welcome all account holders as members of the Audiophile Buying Club. If you are not an account holder, you may open your account here: My Account. Please allow 24 hours for your membership to be processed. Membership is free and you become a member after you first log into the Club. You are welcome to visit as often as you like.