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We are 10 years old this year!

iStereos is an early internet audiophile retailer founded in 2008 with a speciality in computer audio at a time when both online shopping and higher quality music downloads were being sought by consumers. At that time iPods were ubiquitous, the zeitgeist was turning away from MP3 towards higher quality cd files via servers, and cloud based streaming was beginning to soar.

A decade later and its cloud based streaming that is ubiquitous. LP sales, too are on the rise, however there is a rapid change in digital music ownership because streaming is replacing physical cds including music servers and physical digital media players. Although owning ‘physical music’ is no longer necessary, it appears that when one chooses to, that that choice falls to the medium that offers the best tactile experience, the vinyl LP, which is understandable.

The zeitgeist, I’m glad to say, is moving towards higher quality music reproduction again. Cd-quality streaming is facing serious competition from MQA (high resolution) streaming. Now high-resolution streaming is not new, however it has been niche, expensive and cumbersome. MQA is disrupting because they have managed to pack a high-resolution music file into a cd sized file. This means high-resolution music can be streamed as quickly and in the same space as a cd file. This is very appealing and why the wider recording industry are on board. They adapting their back catalogues, even as you read this.

MQA will be ubiquitous and all you need to access the high resolution content is a MQA digital convertor. Those without a MQA convertor will receive the cd content. This is not the only good news because via streaming services, one is saved from re-purchasing one’s favourite album on yet another new format (there’s been many including: Vinyl LP, cassette, CD, DAT, minidisc, SACD, DVDa, MP3, DSD, MQA + remasters).

BUT MQA is not the new revolution

The internet is disruptive especially when it comes to socio-economic practices. This phenomenon empowers the consumer because it easily enables them to stand together, like a BIG corporation, powerful enough to effect change in their favour. Audiophiles can now weigh in…

Our post-internet age makes it possible for iStereos to short-cut the distribution channel by linking directly with manufacturers, so members may buy without paying unnecessary distribution and retail mark-ups. Our aim is to create a large consumer group who will have access to all major international manufacturers, directly.

iStereos has established the Audiophile Buying Club, a socio-economic community, to disrupt buying for audiophiles. We trialled the club in 2017 by inviting our clients to become members and are launching it to the wider public in 2018 to coincide with our 10th anniversary. Everyone with an account, who accepts the Club’s terms and conditions, may become a member by simply logging into the Audiophile Buying Club above.

Please email John, should you have any questions?