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Architectural speakers
HD streamers


architectural loudspeakers & HD streamers with jaw-dropping acoustic capabilities.  

architectural speakers, HD streamers &


seperate components to improve performance 

Invisible speakers
ATMOS cinema


The ultimate luxury is

uncompromising performance via invisible loudspeakers



Free your Space


no aesthetic clutter


With 30% of brain power dedicated to visual stimulus and only 2% dedicated to audio, it is clear that the way we ‘see’ the sound has a huge impact on the way we perceive it. By removing the aesthetic aspect (visible loudspeakers, electronics, cables, etc), it allows complete focus on the audio art-form as it was intended.


Invisible Music in every Room

We design and fit loudspeakers and amplifiers into your walls and ceilings. Rather than share valuable living space, they become fitted fixtures like lights and plumbing. Furthermore our systems are of a higher quality than those on Amazon or the high street, ensuring you enjoy a high audio standard for decades.


Future Proof

Amplifiers and loudspeakers are an audio staple and because they have inputs and outputs, are future proofed. Sources change continuously and we have on average a new source per generation (Lp, cd, mp3, streaming, etc.). 


 Because fitted fixtures are permanent, we fit systems comprising quality amplifiers and speakers with easily interchangeable components for longevity purposes. Any source, including future sources, are catered for. Simply plug and unplug as required

Renovators, builders, etc. take the opportunity now and contact us!


Bungolow dwellers - easy retrofit opportunities.


up to 64 rooms - FREE no obligition quotes/site surveys.

Please contact us for more info or a demonstration


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